Nearly rice pudding…


I was going to bring you a blog about the lemon and rosemary cake I made the other day but then I ate most of it before I took a photo and the two slices which remained looked a bit too forlorn to have their moment in front of the flashbulb.  Really my insatiable morning hunger is to blame, if I hadn’t have shoved that slice in my mouth first thing this morning whilst I was daydreaming and waiting for the kettle to boil, it might nearly have been photo worthy.

And then I was going to bring you a blog about rice pudding, which is in my top ten favourite dishes and I have been attempting to post a blog about for well over two years now.  However, I was struck down in my prime by a geek induced injury.  I was merrily sipping on my tea this morning, laying in bed, satiated by two slices of lemon cake, reading the news and surrounded by cookbooks when… I leant over to retrieve my favourite new science baking book (which weighs about the same as my torso) and something threw a tantrum in my shoulder.


The upshot of my stroppy shoulder is that I have been relatively debilitated all day; buying 2 litres of milk at the corner shop was a rookie mistake which I suffered for all the way home.  So, I have spent the day quietly berating myself for having a thirst for knowledge, I’m pretty sure reaching for a remote would not have incurred such an injury and trying to get emergency physio appointments.  I was supposed to spend the day making rice pudding, taking photos of said rice pudding and doing my laundry, not that you need to know that.

In summation, today is not the day in which I will woo you all and convert you to the endless delights of rice pudding but it is the day I will vent inanely about shoulder injuries and cake scoffing.  Oh, and I’ll throw in a couple of photos because I’m feeling generous, there is a wee glimpse of the lemon cake in one of the pictures.  Currently, I have a large glass of wine in my working hand and ice on my shoulder, the rice pudding will have to wait.



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