Mamak Melbourne – Reviewed


As I was eating tonight, I was chatting to my friend about whether I would blog about the meal.  I found myself saying that these days I generally only blog about things that really move me.  For things to be blog-worthy, I feel like I have to have a really strong reaction to them, either positive or negative.  But this leads to a false impression, by omitting the average, I am giving a rather skew-whiff view of the culinary world.  And the world in general…

So here goes.  Tonight, I had a pleasant meal.  Mamak is a Malaysian restaurant, lauded for its roti, which I unfortunately cannot eat.  Instead I satisfied myself with a vegetable curry and rice.  The curry was full of large chunky vegetables.  I thought, in amongst the richly spiced gravy I had discovered a new vegetable but what I had discovered was a really hard piece of aubergine.  In my life, I have only ever eaten wonderfully silky, squishy aubergine and I didn’t quite know what to do with myself.  Is it wrong for it to be hard and spongy?  It felt wrong in my mouth.  Aggressive, angular aubergine is simply not for me.

Aside from that, the curry was tasty enough.  Nicely spiced, nothing dominated the palate.  A cheeky sprinkle of nigella seeds is always a winner for me.  It reminds me of eating naan bread hot from the tandoor oven back in rainy England, oh the heady gluten filled days of yesteryear…  In summation, it was an average meal which I definitely could have made easily at home, which in fact, most of you could have made at home, even my friend who joined me for dinner could have cooked it and he proclaims to be incapable of cooking.

There’s one not so super dooper phone picture from tonight’s excursion , it was of my friends dinner, which I am pretty sure was a lot more exciting than mine.


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