I am in love

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I don’t know about the rest of the country but with every week that passes, I fall a little more in love.  Of course, he is a French man.  Who doesn’t come to Europe to find themselves and fall hopelessly in love with a French man?  I know many of you will find the age gap slightly icky but I really don’t think it hinders our relationship at all.  What is a 32 year age gap between friends???  Of course, I am speaking of my lovely Raymond Blanc.

In the past few weeks he has been gracing the screens of the nation, teaching us all how to cook and teaching me how to swoon.  He has been ‘ooh la la’ing’ his way through the basics of cookery and has made techniques  which are sometimes perceived as difficult, accessible to the masses. As a result of my obsession, I was moved to make the Asian inspired slow cooked beef shin which he showcased in his show about, you guessed it, slow cooking.  I must say, I was salivating over that particular plate of food almost as much I do over Raymond himself.

The rich sauce had a melting, unctuous quality which no doubt was made all the more sumptuous as the marrow from the beef shin relinquished over the course of the 5 hour cooking time.  Over the years I have eaten many a European style beef shin dish and therefore there was something comforting and familiar about the meat, however, the inclusion of various Asian ingredients made it a little special. I pulled out the giant beef bones and gently combined the meat with the silken sauce which I had reduced to a thick but not cloying liquor.  Before I served the dish, I stood the two shin bones proudly in the centre of the bowl, a gentle reminder of the meats origins.  My guests sighed and raved over the mellifluous  meat.  And I sighed contentedly, safe in the knowledge that Raymond was worthy of his place in my heart.

You can find the recipe here.

N.B. If memory serves me correctly, a very good friend of mine worked for Raymond once and had a not very nice time of it, so my heart remains a little conflicted…



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4 responses to “I am in love

  1. amanda smith

    ahhhh *Raymond * said in french-y accent.. the years have mellowed him somewhat ..Thank-goodness – he was terror in the kitchen in his younger years! I enjoy his shows – especially when he gets a little lost, forgets where hes up to, or can’t locate an ingredient – ah ha he’s human after all!
    Amelia – good to see you back with the blog !!!

    • It definitely sounds better in French! I was trying to be discreet but seeing that you’ve outed yourself as my ‘friend’. He seems like a cuddly teddy bear compared to your stories… Miss you terribly x

  2. Still oooh-la la – I can understand that. The photos you have are tempting to say the least. I know Monsiour Blanc is French and uses very traditional ingredients and recipes – I wonder how I can adapt his “work” to become vegan fayre – you should see my moussaka – Greek and meaty traditionally but I made it vegan and tasty. I’m sure I could work on a M Blanc dish (not himself – only because I am already married.)

    Thanks for your blog, it’s giving me ideas.

    K 😉

    • The papaya salad is nearly vegan, substitute the fish sauce for a vegan offering. The beef shin part, hmmm, maybe you could try it with meaty mushrooms? Thanks for the kind words Kirsten. Little Chef

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