Mediocrity malaise


So…I did make a cake.  And unfortunately, like my health, it was pretty mediocre.  You see, I have a compulsion to cook.  There is very little choice involved and therefore, I end up cooking when I should be sleeping, eating, working, resting etc.  And that’s how you end up making a chocolate, banana and cardamom cake when you should be in bed attending to more pressing matters, like blowing your nose.  And the worst part, after all that effort, the cake was several shades of average.

We can’t win them all but we can look at pretty pictures of food and make ourselves feel much better about the world.  So here are a few recent photo’s which I hopefully haven’t shared with you yet.  I promise there will be a restaurant review this week.  Little Chef just needs a wee bit longer to get her mojo back.  Hopefully these will distract you until then…


A lovely little risotto I made for myself in Italy.  Fresh, local produce.  So simple, so good!


Delicious, nearly savoury peanut butter cookies I made for my lovely colleagues.


A very rich chocolate mousse I made for my beautiful friends in Italy, I candied some fennel and orange and topped it all with a local hazelnut praline.  The best hazelnuts I have ever tasted.


Accidental pork scratchings… Oops, I accidentally made bacon popcorn and this was a rather serendipitous by-product of that process.  Happy days.

Oh and that jelly hiding way up the top there is a champagne jelly, it is ridiculously good and super simple. The brainchild of my lovely, lovely ex Executive chef.


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