Let it snow

When you wake up to this…


You know you can throw away all sensible plans and just snuggle in for the day.  Well, until you go to work, that is.  But for now, I am warmed by the soft glow of the laptop, endless steaming cups of tea and this very delicious, very moist cake.


As I was rifling through the pages of the new food supplement in the weekend Guardian I came across a Dan Lepard recipe for Clementine and Cinnamon layer cake.  I cannot resist the heady perfume of a lovely clementine, it somehow seems more aromatic than its friend the orange, it reminds me of flowers.  And cinnamon is just a spicy hug really, what we all need on cold days like these.


And so, after my fingers thawed from my trip out into the cold, I started putting the cake together, I had baked it yesterday and made the curd and now it was time to assemble.  The kettle was on, the tea was ready to be brewed and my stomach was crying out in indignation after a missed breakfast.


As I write this the snowflakes are dancing around the window, growing more shapely by the minute and all seems well with the world as I take the first cinnamon laden bite.  What more could Little Chef need, delicious cake, hot tea and scrumptious hugs with my beautiful niece?



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