The week in pictures (sort of)

Ok, ok, I know it’s been more than a week since I last posted a photo update and these photo’s have been taken over the last few weeks.  Since I’ve stepped back into reality and therefore work, I have been becoming increasingly lazy in my down time.  However, with two days off this week, I will endeavour to bring you lots of kitchen updates.  Here are a few photo’s which will hopefully get you in the mood for the foodie week ahead.  Enjoy.

Paella for the rice loving family

And you thought The Breakfast Club was just a movie… it’s also a groovy little place to grab large plates of hangover curing food

Some very yummy Hoummous/Hummus/Houmous at The Rookery

Some equally delicious, silken chicken liver parfait, also at The Rookery

The remnants of a very fun birthday dinner for a very special person

The beginnings of my posh baked beans, which I’ll tell you about another day

What will soon be a delicious banana cake, smothered in rum custard


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