An ode to Borough market

Borough market is a must see London destination.  It took me 21 years before I discovered the place, I’m not sure I really discovered it so much as was introduced to it by an old friend.  It is a place to look, to smell, to taste, walking around you get to drink in the atmosphere, enjoy the buzz.  My favourite day to go is Thursday as the tourist throngs are not quite as intense.  Saturday’s see the market fit to bursting with eager shoppers, tourists and food voyeurs most of whom have camera’s dangling from their necks or at least iphones in their hands.  And today, I was one of them.

There are stalls I always make a beeline for, one of which is the Caerphilly cheese stall.  Caerphilly gets its name from a small town in Wales where the cheese originated.  It is similar to Wensleydale, it has a crumbly, slightly chalky texture and a lovely salty tang.  So, after buying a big chunk, which I am currently scoffing with some juicy fresh figs, I was off to find my ultimate stall.

Burnt sugar is not always a bad thing and is definitely not when talking about the company that manufactures some damn fine fudge.  I can’t remember exactly when I fell for this fudge but it transported me back to my primary school days when one of the Mum’s always made fudge for the school cake sales and you could nab yourself a big bag of the crumbly goodness for a mere 20p.  To me, English fudge should be crumbly and granular, this is not a concept other countries seem to understand, Australia, my divine home from home does not ‘get’ fudge.  Their attempts are always strangely smooth and chewy.  Back to Burnt sugar; they make proper, chunky, funky fudge with flavours veering from chilli to chocolate, to my favourite, sea salt fudge.  The nice man at the stall even gave me a sticker when he was handing them out to all the children, I know Little Chef is short but she’s not that short!  I left Burnt sugar laden down with a hand selected pick and mix bag and a whole delightful bag of sea salt fudge.  Both of which are part devoured already.

Brindisa is a Spanish food mecca.  A wonderland of chorizo, Ortiz anchovies and padron peppers.  You can get a super posh and super yummy chorizo hotdog to enjoy as you walk.  I go there for hot fresh chorizo for Bil (Brother in law) and for Padron peppers, a small green capsicum which has tender flesh but packs a punch occasionally, roughly one in ten will be really bloody hot.  It makes for a fun pre dinner game, especially if played with those who are too wimpy to handle chilli.

So, my wonderful day in London comprised sunshine, breakfast with my lovely Miss A, followed by a food fantasy at Borough market and now I am about to make Padron peppers with lots of sea salt and olive oil and then paella with lots of wine to wash it down and then, if I have time, some little fig cupcakes.  Right. Little Chef better crack on…



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7 responses to “An ode to Borough market

  1. amanda smith

    Oh little Chef – I am so homesick for the borough markets – just going through my copious photos the other day- finally ate my Rabot estate chua chocolate and using smoked paprika from brindisa shop etc

  2. Natasha

    I’ll try and leave some fudge for you.

  3. Natasha

    …and I will try to leave some Caerphilly.

  4. Daniel Stocker

    Little Chef, glad to see that the Australian colloquialisms are still making it into your posts – ‘really bloody hot’ hahahahahahah!!!

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