For the love of sausage



I love sausages, bangers, weiners, snags, chipolatas, saucisson, call them what you will.  I love them.  And since I have been diagnosed with Coeliac disease, I have been somewhat lacking in sausages.  But all my problems were solved when I moved back to the UK, back to the motherland, the land where sausages are better, maybe best.  In Australia, for some strange reason, they seem convinced that sausages should be made from over processed beef, strange.  Apart from my lovely friends at The Farm Shop Margaret River who are putting sausages back on the map in Australia.



So, you can imagine my absolute relief when I realised that I can pop to the supermarket and get some damn good, gluten free, ethically reared sausages.  Now I have to remind myself that I should not maybe eat them every day… Every other day seems fair though.  And my new favourite sausage is by a company called The Black Farmer.  I’ve just had a look at the website and it seems like my kind of company.  A man with a plan, who made his dreams reality (I can relate to that) and a man who appears to have integrity in abundance and looks pretty natty in a waistcoat.



As usual, Little Chef Meals couldn’t just make a simple family dinner, it was simple but with a few cheffy twists thrown in for good measure.  I made The Black Farmer sausages with grapes, onions and a dash of vinegar.  You cook it all up until it  is getting a little sticky and the grapes relent and turn into soft, tender orbs which make perfect bed fellows for the caramelised onions.  I served this atop a pile of slightly crushed baby new potatoes which I had pan fried and scattered with chives and lots of butter.  And it was all smothered in a rich cider gravy, I am a gravy fanatic after all.

So, I got to indulge in lots of my favourite things, sausages, grapes and gravy.  Now; my sister was a little dubious when I told her I was making sausages with grapes but she was eating her words and her dinner, when she realised what a lovely combination they made.  The sausages were porky, moist and packed with flavour.  They are a benchmark sausage, all sausages should aspire to be this good and we must all go forth and worship at the altar of The Black Farmer sausage.  Now, go out and buy some, before I buy them all.



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3 responses to “For the love of sausage

  1. Natasha

    Most delicious.

  2. Jul

    Two of my favourite things, cider and sausages 🙂 why wasn’t I there ?

    P.S. The farmer’s quite nice too !

    Jul x

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