Everyone loves a quickie!


In an effort to rid myself of booze, all be it momentarily, I thought I would treat myself to something delicious.  Usually when I have an AFD (Alcohol free day) my evening consists of me drinking buckets of tea, sometimes regular tea, sometimes chai tea, sometimes peppermint tea, something to alleviate the boredom tea…  You see, alcohol makes you lazy.  Having a nice glass of wine or a tasty little cider sure does make it hard to peel yourself off the sofa and away from a good book.

So, being full of vim and empty of alcohol, I decided to pretend to be marginally healthy and make myself an horchata.  The history of horchata is somewhat muddy and so we’ll leave it at, it’s very popular in south America and can be made from rice, nuts or seeds.  It is either water or milk based and generally has cinnamon in it.  The recipe I used came from Jamie Oliver’s ‘America’ cookbook.  I made the oh so pink and oh so delicious Strawberry horchata.



Quick, easy and kinda virtuous.  Now, rule number one, don’t do what Little Chef did and cook the rice a little al dente.  The whole idea is that the rice gets blitzed up into the drink and that’s a little harder, well, if the rice is a little harder.  This drink is simple to make and quite filling, which is always a bonus.  Think strawberry smoothie…only I renamed it a quickie.

So, here’s the very simple recipe.  Go on, have a quickie!  Everyone loves a quickie.

Strawberry horchata based on Jamie Oliver’s recipe from ‘America’

500 ml Milk

250 g Strawberries

1 Tbsp Soft brown sugar

75 g Long grain rice, cooked


Put all ingredients in a blender and blitz til smooth.  If the rice doesn’t blend in properly, like Little Chef’s attempt, then pass the mixture through a sieve.  Pour into a tall glass over ice, garnish with a strawberry, which Little Chef forgot to do because she’s scatty!  Now, enjoy and feel a little virtuous.  The wine can wait til tomorrow, all is well when you have a Horchata in your hand.

P.s. Little Chef thinks it might be extra tasty with a shot of something boozy in it!  There’s always tomorrow.




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4 responses to “Everyone loves a quickie!

  1. Natasha

    Off to the shop to buy strawberries we go. x

  2. Sissel

    have to try this if I have enough left in the finishing stages of my strawberry patch, sounds yummy! xx

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