Heston inspired dark chocolate and bacon cupcakes!

I’m sorry guys but that really deserved an exclamation mark.  So, I was flicking through the great big book that is the internet the other day and came across this chocolate cake recipe.  I must admit, it made me stop and stare for a minute, they looked so pretty.  Lashings of chocolate icing topped with a curly little bit of pancetta.  Surely there are no two better things in the culinary world than chocolate and bacon.

Apparently Heston did something with chocolate and bacon on Masterchef and therefore it must be good.  I bought all the ingredients, and then had to tie my hands behind my back (which took a while) as it is pretty hard to cook bacon and then let is sit around and cool and not devour it.  Every vegetarian I have ever known who defected back to the carnivorous side has done so at the mighty hands of bacon.  It is a powerful beast.

So, I covered my bacon in melted chocolate and essentially what I ended up with was chocolatey bacon bits.  The cake was pretty easy to make and turned out to be bloody delicious but….  Bacon is amazing however there is no place for it in this cupcake.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t repulsive, it was simply superfluous.  And if you don’t know what superfluous means, go google it!

It was salty and tasty but it just didn’t add anything to the cupcake.  I’m sorry Heston, I never thought I’d utter these words but you’re wrong.  As my friend Miss KW wisely said, maybe not everythings better with bacon.  It’s important to try these things, if we are not going on little adventures every day then we’re not really living.  Thanks for the adventure Heston but you can keep your bacon cupcakes.


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