Green with envy

For once, we decided to take the scenic route.  It seems like life is frequently about dashing from place to place and taking the most direct route.  When you’re stuck on a motorway behind a giant lorry, you’re not really drinking in the sweet nectar of life.  And so, we found ourselves today, heading towards Chester on the scenic route, soaking in the views of the rolling hills.  A land made lush and green by dangerous amounts of rainfall was a beautiful backdrop for our journey.  To match our lazy trip we decided to have a lazy lunch in Ludlow.  Ludlow is notorious for it’s foodie leanings and is therefore a natural home for Little Chef.

I had obviously ‘googled’ potential lunch options before we left home and settled upon The Green Cafe.  Without realising it, I had actually been here before, I had only stood outside and admired the view of the river.  But now it was time to commit to lunch.  Being number 1 on the Trip Advisor website I had high hopes and we were not disappointed.  As it was raining, the patrons were all squished inside with tables virtually touching and waitresses constantly bashing into my chair.  Clearly it was a popular place.  And we were soon to find out why…

The specials menu hinted to good things in our future.  Hot chocolate spiked with Brandy, a steaming hot mug of strawberry and rhubarb cordial and chewy meringues with gooseberry compote.  As I watched the food come out to the surrounding tables I was wracked with envy.  I wanted everything on the menu!  I finally settled on an Asparagus, broad bean and mint salad, sounds run of the mill but tasted extraordinary.  The fresh green leaves were dotted with beautiful pungent herbs and the asparagus was quite the tastiest I’ve eaten.  The young stems were rich with butter and just the right amount of seasoning.  Mummy B had chicken liver pate with fig chutney and it was very good, up there with the best I have eaten and it cost a mere £5.50.  I love how cheap this country is…

And so, feeling very satisfied after a delicious salad and a glass of prosecco, we headed North to Chester.  The food journey continues, watch this space.

The Green Cafe, Ludlow, reviewed on 15th June 2012.



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2 responses to “Green with envy

  1. Sissel

    makes me hungry, as always – you just write so I can feel the taste! 😉

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