The cauliflower alarm clock


I have been in a funk my friends.  Distracted by life and somehow not finding inspiration to write.  In between new jobs, new family members and winter malaise, I have not been writing.  But yesterday, something woke me up; it was a cauliflower.

Winter is the time to indulge your home comforts and there is nothing more indulgent than sharing good food and good wine with the people you love.  Yesterday I had a few friends over for lunch, it had to be a one pot wonder as I was busy baking birthday cake too.  I made a nurturing chicken stew/soup thing with cannelini beans and lots of fresh vegetables.

I am a cauliflower devotee from way back and a few years ago, was introduced to the idea of roasted or fried cauliflower.  When tossed in a pan with olive oil, salt and pepper until it is golden brown and crispy, there is a delightful element of sweetness.  It becomes a big, powerful flavour hit when cooked in this way and adds a little somethin’ somethin’ to a dish.

And so, my chicken stew was studded with little golden nuggets of crunchy cauliflower.

As I put the cauliflower on a plate, the sun came through the skylight and reignited my enthusiasm and a little inspiration came my way…

Next time you make a cauliflower soup or even a roast dinner, try frying your cauliflower in a pan once blanched.  Fried in olive oil in a hot frying pan and scattered over something delicious, it becomes the hero ingredient.

Little chef is back!



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2 responses to “The cauliflower alarm clock

  1. amanda smith

    yEAYYYY we love little chef – so glad you are back!!

    A x

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