Grab it with both hands

It has been a significant time in my life recently.  Suddenly, all at once, I am 30 years old.  All the ideas I had as a child about what I would have achieved by now are a distant delusional memory.  When I was young, thirty seemed old and proper and kind of boring.  But here I am now, living it and not feeling remotely proper and hopefully not boring…  Last week, for the first time in  my life I found myself wondering if my shorts were too short for my age.  What the hell was I thinking?  If Madonna can do it, I can do it, although I’m not certain that I’ll still be rocking the lycra leotards when I’m fifty something. 

Age is not really something that I feel hindered by but it does (for me) serve as a metaphorical kick up the bum.  A gentle nudge, a wink and a smile to remind me of where my dreams lie, a reminder to be brave.  My divine sister did something incredible for me.  She did the thing that I dream of and turned my recipes into a book for my birthday.  A giant box arrived from the other side of the pond and in it was a book.  This book was all me.  It was a compilation of my blog posts and my recipes and it allowed me to envisage a future which could be mine, if I just reach for it and grab it with both hands. 

So, I guess at the grand old age of thirty, I can dish out some pearls of wisdom.  Just occasionally you have to see yourself through someone else’s eyes, preferably through the eyes of someone who loves you, it doesn’t work so well if it’s through the eyes of your arch-enemy.  We invariably think of our flaws but not so often of our virtues.  This is a message to myself as much as it is to you, be brave, believe in yourself.  Dare to live the life you dream of.  And thank you to my sister for seeing my dreams and realising them on my behalf. 

I will bring you a recipe on Monday, the difference is, I will make whatever you tell me to.  The first person to write a comment and tell me what to cook will get their dish created and documented by little old me.  So, I am officially open to Monday night dinner suggestions.



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2 responses to “Grab it with both hands

  1. Gill

    Awesome post. And a lovely sister you have there. how specific do we have to be with our suggestion? How about “something Mexican”? …You are going to hate it if I am the first comment here…! X

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