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Grab it with both hands

It has been a significant time in my life recently.  Suddenly, all at once, I am 30 years old.  All the ideas I had as a child about what I would have achieved by now are a distant delusional memory.  When I was young, thirty seemed old and proper and kind of boring.  But here I am now, living it and not feeling remotely proper and hopefully not boring…  Last week, for the first time in  my life I found myself wondering if my shorts were too short for my age.  What the hell was I thinking?  If Madonna can do it, I can do it, although I’m not certain that I’ll still be rocking the lycra leotards when I’m fifty something. 

Age is not really something that I feel hindered by but it does (for me) serve as a metaphorical kick up the bum.  A gentle nudge, a wink and a smile to remind me of where my dreams lie, a reminder to be brave.  My divine sister did something incredible for me.  She did the thing that I dream of and turned my recipes into a book for my birthday.  A giant box arrived from the other side of the pond and in it was a book.  This book was all me.  It was a compilation of my blog posts and my recipes and it allowed me to envisage a future which could be mine, if I just reach for it and grab it with both hands. 

So, I guess at the grand old age of thirty, I can dish out some pearls of wisdom.  Just occasionally you have to see yourself through someone else’s eyes, preferably through the eyes of someone who loves you, it doesn’t work so well if it’s through the eyes of your arch-enemy.  We invariably think of our flaws but not so often of our virtues.  This is a message to myself as much as it is to you, be brave, believe in yourself.  Dare to live the life you dream of.  And thank you to my sister for seeing my dreams and realising them on my behalf. 

I will bring you a recipe on Monday, the difference is, I will make whatever you tell me to.  The first person to write a comment and tell me what to cook will get their dish created and documented by little old me.  So, I am officially open to Monday night dinner suggestions.



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Hello friends, sorry I’ve neglected you.

Well, well, well.  I bet you’re wondering where I have been.  The answer is; everywhere.  The last week has been bonkers, I mean really, proper bonkers busy.  It has been a whirlwind of work, socialising, eating, drinking and yet more socialising.  How spoiled I have been, from the wonderful food at our friends wedding to birthday dinner for Mr T, to hens parties and dangling a carrot between my legs on a string (don’t ask) to foodie book club.  I am utterly exhausted after having far too much fun and I have a sneaking suspicion that my liver is a little upset with me right now.  Not sure why…

And so, after the mammoth party week, I now plan to snuggle in and reacquaint myself with the sofa.  My hermit mission/hearty cook fest began tonight, with a clear chicken broth I made with leftover roast chicken and lots of fresh vegetables.  It was the nectar that my body was craving, savoury and simple and oh so nurturing.  Somehow I was still not satisfied and decided to make Mr T and I some hot chocolate with proper chocolate  and milk and cream.  I think I wanted hot chocolate as I have spent the last day eyeing up Mr T’s birthday cake, which is a moist chocolate cake with a mocha butter cream and I can’t go near it.  I asked Mr T last week what kind of birthday cake he wanted and he responded, without hesitation, “something with gluten in it.”  Being that I am gluten free, this means none for me!  I am not sure whether this was all a ploy to stop me eating the entire cake or whether he just misses good old gluten, but either way, it had left me wanting.  Hence the hot chocolate.  I’ve included a pic of the cake, just so you can see what I was missing.  The recipe is in an old post on this blog called ‘Bloody good chocolate cake.’

Still not satisfied, I decided it was a good idea to make some gluten free anzac biscuits which I’d seen online a while back and never got round to making.  Goodness knows why I think nine thirty at night is an appropriate time to start baking.  So, I did it, I made them.  They sounded promising but failed miserably, the recipe said to space them 2-3cms apart and I did just that but they turned into one great big chunk and they didn’t taste too fabulous either.  So, instead of just ignoring you guys because the biscuits didn’t turn out well, I thought I’d at least let you know that I am still on the planet.  Baking bad recipes. 

However, as an apology, I promise to bring you my guacamole recipe this week.  And if I say it here, I can’t go back on my word.  So, hold tight and check back in later in the week.  Right, better get back to that sofa!


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