The dietary requirements of a competitive burns victim!

A wise owl (otherwise known as my precious sister) pointed out that I have been rudely excluding my faithful readers from my ridiculously eventful life of late.  There are about 85 reasons why I have been away from my blog recently.  I guess the main reason (reason 32) is that I am busy training for another chef’s competition and when I say busy, I mean busy.  I train before I go to work, I cook all day at work and then I train some more when I get home.  Poor Mr T has been subjected to copious amounts of stewed beef  (and dirty dishes) in the last few weeks, sounds enticing right?  Amazingly he has not yet complained, unlike me, who when I tasted my efforts the other day, was so bored by eating the same thing for days on end that I tasted and then spat it out.  Hey, we’re in a wine region, spitting is allowed!  So, every waking hour is occupied by all things competitive.  This time next week I will be preparing to fly to Darwin to compete in my first national competition….

Now, my dear readers, I have received some rather upsetting news recently (reason 48).  You might want to sit down to hear this, I know I did .  I found out about two weeks ago that I suffer from Coeliac disease.  The doctor may as well have told me I was going to lose a leg, but instead he told me that I am losing pastries, dim sum, ice cold beers, freshly baked bread, hand rolled pasta, the list goes on and on.  Being Coeliac means that I can no longer eat anything containing gluten (wheat, oats, rye, barley).  As a chef, this has obviously come as a shock and will take a lot of getting used to, I’m getting there slowly.  It is a very manageable condition but it is a real life change.  The only consolation I can think of at this stage is that, at least I’m not lactose intolerant.  I still have my beloved butter…  I am after all 50 % butter.  Not that butter is quite the same when it’s spread on weird gluten free bread that smells a little like wee when you toast it.  Oh the joys of my new Coeliac life! 

Now onto the next reason (reason 27).  My head chef has been away on holiday and so it was my chance to shine, I was being left alone to cook, to stand at the helm of the restaurant and feed the starving masses.  Well, not quite, but you get my drift.  Finally it was my time in the spotlight, to prove my worth, unfortunately it was also my time to burn myself in the middle of a busy service.  I remember that it hurt a lot.  When service was over, the adrenaline subsided and the pain really kicked in.  The long and short of it is, that I am very lucky and the burn was not as bad as the docs at emergency originally thought.  And that the giant hand bandage only lasted a week or so…

So, all is well in the world.  It has been a bumpy and busy ride of late but I have both my legs, I have my beloved butter and I have a darned chef’s competition to compete in.  This is not the last you’ll be hearing of this little (coeliac) chef and her meals!  If you would like to read the extended edition of reasons why I have been away from my blog, it is available from all good bookshops and online at

P.s. That last bit was a joke but it would be fun to click on the link and see where you end up in cyberspace… As I have no food photo’s, I thought I would include one from a recent fishing trip, stormy day proved fruitful in the fish department.



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2 responses to “The dietary requirements of a competitive burns victim!

  1. Gill

    So much love and luck to you Meals x x x x x x

  2. Jul

    I must say Muriel that I really admire your stoicism, on both counts. You must have got that from your Grandad.

    We are all behind you and know that you will cook up a strom, against all odds ( as Phil Collins would say).

    Go get ’em girl.

    Loads of love

    Jul xx

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