Little chef goes national

I’m back!  To those that have missed me; I am sorry.  To those who haven’t; expletive, expletive!

Well, there’s been a wee bit happening in Little Chef central recently.  I don’t think  I mentioned that I entered another chef competition, otherwise known as Apprentice of the year.  Every time I enter another competition, I wonder why I put myself through it and Mr T also wonders why I put myself through it.  The stress, the preparation, the training, the practicing, the planning, the stress, did I say stress already?  Yes, it’s hard, yes, I don’t sleep for weeks, yes, it’s scary but it is also, worth it, as our old friends at Loreal used to say. 

And it is even more worthwhile, when something good happens.  Amazingly, I can report that something good did happen and that something good came in the shape of a gold medal.  I was nervous as I sat in the audience at the presentation ceremony, Mr T told me to stop jigging my leg obsessively, I hadn’t even noticed I was doing it.  About 4 hours sleep and no food since 6 am (it was now 3pm) makes me jittery at the best of times, let alone when I’m anxiously waiting for the results of a competition where I thought I had delivered a pretty poor performance.  Apparently, not quite as poor as I had imagined. 

Just before the ceremony commenced, a judge walked up to me and asked me where I worked.  This made Mr T slightly suspicious…’why would he ask that if you haven’t got a medal’?  At this point, I thought I might have scraped a bronze…again.  So, the bronze medal was called and it wasn’t my name they called, and then the silver and it wasn’t my name they called and I turned to Mr T and said, ‘It’s obviously not my year’ and he said ‘Maybe you’ve got gold’ and I said something along the lines of ‘don’t be so bloody stupid’.  And then, it happened.  They called my name.  And I sat there.  And I sat there.  And then Mr T told me to get up and then there were teeny tiny tears rolling down my cheeks that I prayed no-one could see and my heart was beating a million miles an hour.  Photo’s were taken, medals were received and I sat back down next to Mr T and asked ‘Did I just get a gold medal?’  To which, he replied simply, Yes. 

Now I get to compete in Darwin in ‘The Nationals’.  If you’re keen for more details of what I cooked in the comp, what went wrong, who burned who with a hot spatula ( just jokes ) then post a comment and I will write another blog with foodie details… And here’s a little bit of media



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2 responses to “Little chef goes national

  1. Natasha

    Splendid news!

  2. amanda smith

    Go Miss!!

    You deserve it!!

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