You have to eat two slices.

I have been slightly busy recently, hence my absence from my blog.  A very, very dear friend of mine gave me a kick up the bum and told me to write.  So, here I am with a slightly bruised bottom and a lot of fatigue, but I’m here and that’s what matters. 

Last night, my friend Miss K and I co-hosted a  dinner at my house, to use up a little chunk of truffle that I had purchased as a gift for her.  I will tell you my truffle hunt story another day…  It was the usual mish mash of friends, good wine and us all talking over each other.  I am becoming notorious for putting dinner on the table pretty late, you’re lucky to eat your main before nine in my house.  This is due to two things.  1) I talk too much and therefore talk to my guests too much and don’t concentrate on dinner.  2) My oven is too bloody small.  And the second point brings us nicely to the cake.  The cake was in my too small oven, delaying everything else in my too small oven and the too small chef (me) was getting a little frustrated.  However, the friends, the talk, the music, the wine dulled the frustration.

I had mentioned to Miss K that I might whip up a cake, which is exactly what I did and it’s exactly what you guys should do too.  Once you have a good base sponge recipe in your head, you can modify it to become any kind of cake you fancy.  And so it was that my raspberry, chocolate orange cake was born. 

My fridge had a few raspberries lurking in its depths and there was a lonely looking orange on my bench and then Miss K topped it all off nicely by turning up with some dark chocolate.  They all got bunged into the mix and I ended up with a pinky coloured cake which once baked, was a pale purple.  I know I shouldn’t say this because I made it but…it was pretty scrumptious.  My friend Mr V kept looking over at the counter whilst we were having dessert and I asked if he needed anything and he said ‘another slice of cake?’  The cake was brought to the table and all but one had a second slice.  It’s a two slice sort of a cake, especially when served with good friends and double cream as an accompaniment.

Chocolate, raspberry and orange cake (Two slice cake)

250 g Soft butter

250 g Sugar

4 Eggs

250g Self raising flour

2-3 Tbsp Milk

100g Raspberries

100g Dark choc or whatever choc you fancy, white choc, mmm

Rind of 1 orange.

  • Cream your butter and sugar with the rind of 1 orange til fluffy and pale
  • Thoroughly beat in the eggs, one by one
  • Sieve in your flour, fold through, don’t over mix or your cake will be tough
  • Stir in two to three tbsp milk to loosen the mix
  • Finally fold in your choc and raspberries
  • Pour batter into greased and lined 25cm cake tin or cupcake tin. 
  • Bake at 180 degrees, for a large cake, check after 25 minutes, poke with a skewer, the top should be set and the skewer should come out clean or with crumbs on it.     

 Now, sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and eat two slices of cake with good double cream and for god’s sake, don’t feel guilty, it takes all the fun out of it! 

P.s. Nearly forgot to tell you, the first 5 ingredients are my base sponge recipe which I constantly change by adding different fruit, choc, spices, nuts etc.  Have a play.  A few ideas… lemon and thyme, star anise and orange, mango and macadamia praline, the list is endless.   










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2 responses to “You have to eat two slices.

  1. amanda smith

    yeay- your’e back… and with cake ..yum. amaras birthday today- sweet seventeen and need to whip up a cake pronto- thanks little chef!!!!

  2. Gill

    Yummy cake! Good on your very good friend for that kick in the backside. We all need one from time to time!

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