A bloody big box of vegetables

There is something about receiving a big box of vegies fresh from the garden which makes me very excited!  Especially since I was not the one who went through the back breaking process of growing it all. 

Fronds, stalks, leaves, stems, flowers all poking and peeking out of the big jumbled box of goodness.    At random intervals giant vegetable donations are made to me by my friend Mrs D, her generousity seems to know no bounds and my fridge is carrying the burden. 

So, last night I began unburdening the poor thing…  When I have a random collection of ingredients at my disposal I have to be clever and make sure I use all the super fresh stuff first.  And so it began with bacon and herb muffins, which are rather handy for Mr T’s lunchbox.  I smashed up all the herbs in my baby blender with lots of garlic and cheese and mixed it through a basic savoury muffin recipe and hey presto, lunches for a week! 

This hardly made a dent and the fridge was still grumbling so next up was a quick laksa for last nights dinner.  I had a lovely light broth prepared, cooked off some noodles and then popped some beautifully fresh mange tout in at the last second, delicious.  A pretty good effort on the cooking front for one evening… 

And yet I woke up this morning, got the milk out of the fridge and the damn thing was still whingeing about being too full.  My mission continues.  I am currently writing this in the library after completing a fascinating day at college which saw us making camembert, ricotta and paneer.  I adore paneer and it is pretty impossible to find good stuff in Oz, so I was excited to make some.  The paneer got me thinking that a vegetable curry might be on the cards, I’ve got a shed load of spinach in the fridge, amongst other things. 

So, on this warm night I shall be found in my kitchen; toasting spices, cooking with freshly made cheese, preparing lovingly grown vegetables and drinking very cold beers.  Probably with a massive smile on my face.  It doesn’t get much more local than this!



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2 responses to “A bloody big box of vegetables

  1. Jul

    I’m looking forward to consuming all this healthy, fresh and tasty food 🙂

  2. all sounds yummy….good to see you back on the blog…

    I hope poor Fridge gets to take a load off soon (for its sake only!)… But for everyone else’s sake (particularly Mr T’s!) a crammed packed fridge means lots of healthy treats and yummy meals so Fridge may just have to learn to deal with it!

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