Food for the fragile

I woke  to the sound of rain drumming on the tin roof and then shortly after was rudely awoken by Mr T asking if we had any ibuprofen!  After getting slightly battered on the rugby field yesterday and then even more battered on beers at the bar, he was in need of some painkillers.  The weather was grey, grey, grey outside this morning.  As I write this now the sun is attempting to break through but I’m not holding out much hope. 

So what do I do when the weather is sad…I cook.  And what do I do when Mr T is sad…I cook.   Big hearty, lumpy, stodgy bowls of steaming hot scrumptiousness.  I whipped up a quick chorizo and tomato omelette just to ease us into the day and accompany our coffees and now I’m off  to buy ingredients for supper.   

I have decided on a chicken and barley soup with fresh spring veg (not quite spring).  My lazy ways mean that I’ll chuck a chook in the oven on some chopped up carrots, onion and celery and a handful of garlic cloves.  Roast it to juicy, crispy perfection and then reserve all those yummy juices.  Pop the juices in a pot with the roast onion and garlic and some extra chicken stock, I’ll add a handful of barley and simmer til cooked.  Meanwhile, I’ll tear the meat off the bones and probably eat all of the skin and half of a leg whilst I’m at it.  Then I’ll add some young broccoli, sugar snap peas, baby carrots and the chicken.  In just a minute or two the veggies will be just cooked and still fresh and crunchy.  If that doesn’t fix Mr T, I don’t know what will. 

And more for me than Mr T, I’m going to make a steaming pot of rice pudding using a recipe we tried at college this week.  It is wonderful and creamy with just a hint of ground mace to excite the rice.  It reminds me of being back at high school;  my friend Miss A always had the most exciting packed lunches which entailed little bowls of pasta salad and tiny containers of her mum’s wonderful rice pudding.  I would beg her for just a mouthful as we sat outside on the steps next to the hockey pitch and then I realised if I paid her one pound, I’d get the whole pot of rice pudding and she’d merrily go the ice cream van to buy lollies and crisps.  She thought that she’d robbed me blind but I would have happily paid two pounds for that little container of pudding.  Oh the memories…  I better get to the shops before I start salivating on the keyboard!



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3 responses to “Food for the fragile

  1. Sissel


    Firstly, thanks for sharing your mouthwatering food blog – secondly HOW do you stay so SLIM ???!

    I realise you have already had your Sunday deligths and we have not even had our breakfast yet, which is normally a Brunch, as John gets up at ridiculous-o’clock even on Sundays. The sun is trying to win over the showers here, and I am crossing fingers, legs and toes for it to get stronger for when your Mummy comes on Tuesday. Looking forward to her visit and hoping to show her a prettier Norway than her very gloomy (only weatherwise!) visit for Christmas a few years ago.

    Hope all is wekk with yourself, and that Mr T had a successful cure for his “ailments” – it certainly sounds like he has the right “doctor” !!

    Take care, all the best to you both

    Lots of love

    Sissel xxxx

  2. keith

    Have you tried playing backyard cricket with Mr T when he feels sad?It worked for me,but that was many years ago!
    I look forward to reading your blog.

  3. Jul

    As I sit here looking out at the rain and wind (in August for heaven’s sake) I think of the delicious, warming and inspiring meals that you cooked for me both ‘Home and Away’.

    Your visit has inspired me to put my pinny back on and get those kitchen utensils out !

    Loads of love from Jul xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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