What makes wind?

Before I begin yet another foodie waffle fest, I wanted to take a moment to thank you lovely people who go to the trouble of reading my blog and making comments.  It makes my day when I look at my stats and see that 15 lovely people have viewed my blog.  Not exactly the dizzying heights of fame but nice to know that someone, somewhere thinks that my little trifles (excuse the pun) are worth a look.  And whoever has looked at my blog every day for the last 3 days, I thank you especially!  It’s probably my Mum!

So, not much is happening in my foodie calendar at the moment.  We’re trying to save money so there has been a lot of bulky food in our bellies.  Although I must say, the challenge of working with limited ingredients is a virtuous one.  I found myself making homemade Gnocchi with a simple mushroom sauce, I used the recipe from the restaurant I used to work for but unfortunately my touch must not be as light as my ex head chef  and sous chef.  Their gnocchi was like eating a little pillow of perfectly seasoned air whereas mine was more like a pillow of slightly doughy stuff, but not bad for a beginner.  I have eaten some shocking, leaden little excuses for gnocchi in the past so I think with a little practice, I could definitely become a master.  It is nice to know that simplicity still rules in the kitchen. 

Last night I went for the really low rent dinner and decided we would have baked beans on toast.  However, me being me and therefore being a right little madame I gave in to my desires and accidentally found myself in the supermarket purchasing a few mere slivers of rolled pancetta.  Who can eat beans on toast without a wee bit of glamour and yummy piggy fat thrown in???  Clearly not me…

As you can see my kitchen is not exactly set alight with culinary alchemy at the moment but I will endeavour to keep the steady humdrum of drivel flowing onto these here pages.  Tonight I’m making a yummy Beef and Capsicum stew which is really nicely spiced and is basically like a hug in a bowl.  I’m taking it round to my friend A’s tomorrow, she’s been a bit poorly and I think this might just be the tonic she needs.  This recipe is all thanks to my wonderful mother who has made it for me many times and taught me how to cook.  Mummy if I could post it home, I would, not sure how well stew travels…

Just as I was about to sign off, I remembered a funny little dinner table story from my youth.  It goes a bit like this…

Dad – “What makes wind? ” (He’s very intellectual & always sought to teach us)

Me – “Baked beans!” 

Cue lots of giggling from me and my sister and Dad trying very hard to pretend it wasn’t funny.  It was eight year old humour, what can I say?



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3 responses to “What makes wind?

  1. Sarah Tims

    OMG I really should of read your blogs earlier i’ve been missing out! Love your new number one fan! x

  2. Hello lovely Sarah, so glad you like the blog and finally read it, you naughty friend. Lots of love, little chef x

  3. Natasha

    Do you remember the chocolate pudding incident at Querns? x

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