A little bit chilly

It is strange and lovely to be back home, the weather was a bit of a shock at first.  After 5 long and quite frequently hot weeks in beautiful England, it was time to return to cold, cold Australia.  No-one in the mother land believes that it gets cold here but trust me, it does.  Especially considering most houses don’t have central heating. 

It gets dark somewhere between 5 and 6, a strange mist sometimes settles over town, it’s like the finest rain you can imagine.  Strung up drop by drop in the sky, as if each little drop is hanging from a thread, buoyed up by the smell of wood fires burning in every other house.  You can walk down the street at eight o’clock at night and there will be a handful of shivering people sitting stoically outside the pub but aside from that, the streets are pretty bare.  This time of year always seems a contemplative period, you have time to put photo’s in albums, write the letters you never have time to write and generally snuggle up in the warm. 

And so, waking up today to be greeted by sunshine was a blessing, short-lived but a blessing nonetheless.  Now that the rain has stopped momentarily I have escaped the house and I’m off to buy supplies.  Winter makes me want potatoes and lots of them!  I’ve been fantasising about potato gratin for days, I do not necessarily follow the rules, it involves slicing an annoying amount of potatoes, then lots of garlic, lots of cream and lots of cheese.  I’m considering just roasting a tiny little Arkady lamb rump and roasting some lazy wedges of pumpkin at the same time.  Topped off with some creamy, rich potatoes and that sounds like dinner.  If I have time, dessert will be hand-rolled chocolate truffles… I’m trying to upstage the delicious baked Gnocchi that Mr T made for us last night.  Wish me luck.



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2 responses to “A little bit chilly

  1. Nic

    Yes, there really is something wintery and comforting about potatoes! I too am looking to a potato gratin style dish to go with the beef I am roasting tonight. And lots of broccoli!

  2. amanda smith

    Great to see you are blogging again! made a potato and celeriac gratin to go with a 12hr slow cooked arkady lamb leg for a sunday lunch a few weekends ago – still relieving it in my memories- totally agree about winter weather and gratin and bugger the calories!

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