Plane food not plain food.

Well, as we made our way into the sky.  We were greeted with the ever beautiful and ever attentive air stewards who brought us a steady stream of food…and many drinks.  The food as always was of a surprisingly high standard, we started our journey with chicken and rice and something I can’t remember.  Travelling for 24 hours tends to suck the grey matter straight out of your head.  Then there was braised beef noodles and chicken curry on the next leg.  It was better than some curries I’ve had in Indian restaurants on the ground.  Despite the tastiness, I never eat much on planes as I am not exactly the most relaxed flier.

So, I was happy to hear that my darling sister was making me sunday roast when we got back to her house.  The smell of beef roasting in the oven as I sipped on a cold cider on a warm sunday afternoon, I knew I was finally home.  After dinner I quickly passed out on the sofa and then apparently my nearest and dearest buried me under a pile of cushions.  They could have thrown me at a brick wall and I don’t think I would have woken up.  And so, I write this now, having slept for 9 hours, on my sisters sofa bed, eating chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.  Safe in the knowledge that breakfast is going to be a feast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs and this afternoon we are hosting a bbq, so I can finally get back in that kitchen!  I’m thinking Thai beef salad and some kind of Pavlova, not necessarily at the same time.


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  1. Henry

    Chocolate chip cookies for breakfast…. now you talking my language!!!

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