Eating our way out of Perth

Waking up in the city means that if you are in the mood, you can Yum Cha your way into the day.  And that is exactly what we did on Saturday.  The Dragon Palace in Perth had been heartily recommended and we arrived at 10:15am to find an already half full dining room that probably seats 200, with ease.  I don’t know any restaurants that have 100 customers at that time of day so I was impressed from the outset.  Spotting the people who had not partaken of Yum Cha before was not hard.  We were the ones in the corner frothing with enthusiasm and naively asking for a description of everything on the trolley.  And frequently getting the sweet and savoury confused. We were not disappointed, we ate a lot and had a surprisingly small bill at the end of it. 

As if starting the day with meltingly soft prawn dumplings wasn’t decadent enough, we then proceeded to Little Creatures brewery to have an early afternoon brewski by the water.  After a cleansing pale ale we were ready to attack a plate of nachos.  And some hand cut chips with aioli, oops!  We rounded out the day by going to a well-known Perth pub for drinks and dinner prior to heading to the Airport.  I will not be so crude as to name the place but waiting an hour for a burger is not my idea of fun and having watched as my friends devoured their meals just added insult to injury.  When the burger finally arrived, the meat was almost raw in some places whilst well cooked in others and the fillings were mediocre.  However, my prolonged hunger saw me eat nearly the whole thing.  I wonder if I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t waited so long.  I guess we will never know…And so we hopped in a cab and we were on our way to the Airport.  Goodbye Perth, ‘Ello London!


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