Small city, some lights.

Oh it is good to be back in the pumping metropolis that is Perth.  After a long sojourn from visiting large cities, I think Perth is the perfect precursor to London town.  It is just big enough to remind you that there are weird people wandering the streets and there are criminals in the world and there are more than three good restaurants to visit.  We turned up at a brewery type affair and had a selection of tapas, all pretty tasty, there was one let-down at the end of the meal but we’ll let that slide being that it was preceded by 10 nice dishes.  And after shared snacks, we went on to enjoy yummy, if a little over priced churros.  Being in the city, with our friends, drinking wine and thinking about our upcoming culinary adventure, is a pretty good place to be. 

The plan is to blog pretty darned regularly whilst home in the UK.  Hopefully I will be bubbling with enthusiasm from all the sensory overload.  If I have the energy, then I will blog from Singapore airports free internet terminals and keep you updated with the delights of plane food.  We’re leaving on a jet plane…


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  1. Can I just say, I’m really looking forward to the reviews of airline food…

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