Oh, it burns.

I sat on the toilet and my snot tickled the ground; partly because I have a stinking cold and partly because I was so utterly, completely, intrinsically disappointed.  I would love to talk about how enriching it is to compete and what good experience it is and how I will learn from it but really I am just fricking angry.  I sat, and I cried and honestly, the tears trickled down my face and reached all the way to the ground.  There is nothing quite so painful as being a 28-year-old, unemployed apprentice with premature grey hair and no potential job prospects. 

However, I am sure, objectively, one day I will think it is a good thing to be fourth. Unfortunately that day is not today.  After about three days of very little sleep, a horrible cold and partner deficit, I am not exactly in the right head space to be magnanimous.  The competition ran smoothly and we all came away feeling positive, there was only one potential disaster.  Our souffles looked a little overdone on top and a brief panic ensued, we all ran around like headless chicken trying to get a second batch together and then we decided to trust the first batch.  All in all, it was pretty relaxed and all of our food was presented on time. 

I will write more detail when I have the energy to think straight.  Despite the tears in the toilet incident it was an amazing experience to compete with two outstanding chefs and two fantastic friends.


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  1. jul

    You’ll always we joint first (with your sister) for me Muriel.

    All the love Jul xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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