Supermarket Sweep

Buttons and badges and lists and a desperate search for a blow torch and eating awesome Korean food and running around a supermarket scrambling for ingredients.  That pretty much sums up the day, however, I will be kind and expand on it somewhat. 

The confiscated blowtorch was a slight issue; I had a beautiful pen sized blow torch which fit perfectly into my chef’s toolkit.  However, the mean little man at the airport seemed to distrust me and therefore wouldn’t let me bring it to Adelaide.  Ho hum, we kind of suspected that might be the case, so we spent a large part of the afternoon searching for a blow torch in a city which is completely alien to us all.  We finally tracked one down in a distant suburb.

With 100 dollars in our pocket and a trolley in our hands we wound our way around Foodland in a hyperactive frenzy.  There was a desperate scramble for the ripe tomatoes, luckily no knives were drawn.  So, after finally tracking down the pistachios we approached the counter with caution.  We held our breath for about three minutes whilst the really chatty checkout chick took her sweet time with our produce.  Amazingly, we came in 20 cents under budget. 

It was a whirlwind of a day and we drew the earliest time slot of the competition so we will be up at disgusting o’clock tomorrow, or today, as it is past midnight.  We better be off to bed.  Tomorrow will hopefully be a day of glory for us all, we’ve done our homework, we’ve shined our shoes, we’ve sewed on our badges and we’re…


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