We made it!

Flying is not my favourite activity in the world and so I was dreading it slightly.  M and I got up at the crack of dawn to go for a run, in an attempt to calm our pre flight jitters.  I think it might have helped, by the time we had run 6 kms I had no energy left to be fearful.  Well…I was fearful enough to force M and C to hold my hands during take off and I needed a glass of red wine at 11 in the morning but that’s just how I travel!  We got here in one piece and my what a beautiful city.  Lots of lovely churches and old buildings and gorgeous, old stone houes. 

We checked into our apartment and then quickly hopped back in a cab to check in our live Marron and Pork at the college where we will be competing.  Hopped back in another cab to go and register our team at the Intercontinental hotel where; as we were entering, Antonio Carluccio, Rosemary Schrager, Anthony Warrall Thompson and Paul Mercurio were just on their way out for a spot of dinner.  See, Adelaide is the place to be, after 1 hour we’ve already spotted celebrities.  Well, they’re celebrities in my world… 

After a lot of running around we finally had time to explore the city and find some much needed nourishment and we found it in Gouger Street.  It was postively packed with restaurants, vying for your attention.  Luckily we had it on good authority that Ying Chow was an awesome place and a cheap eat.  And so we sat down to drink jasmine tea and share some perfectly pink and moist Tea and aniseed smoked duck.  This was followed by Chicken with salty coriander and celery, sounds a bit strange but it was delicious and had just the right amount of chilli.  We also tucked into Broad beans and bean curd with chinese chutney, all coupled with steamed rice and yet more jasmine tea.  It was just what we needed after a very long day and it was a bloody bargain! 

Tomorrow we have a disgustingly early meeting and then we are shipped off to the supermarket with 100 bucks and our rather lenghty shopping list, in the hope that they have all that we dream of and then another round of meetings and briefings. 

I better be off to bed as I have to be up in a few short hours and we’ve got a competition to win!  Let the games begin…



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2 responses to “We made it!

  1. Gillian

    so Adelaide really is the city of churches?

    I’m quite envious, celebrities, streets paved with restaurants competing for your attention, Adelaide is the big smoke in comparison to little Margs, hey?

    Good luck guys xoxo

  2. Jul

    Go get ’em Muriel.


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