Marron marathon

Wow, thanks for the support everyone. 

The day of reckoning is edging ever closer.  And so it was time for us to take on the mighty Marron.  For those of you not in the know, Marron is a name given to large freshwater crayfish found in the south-west corner of Australia.  Small as they may be, they sure are feisty!  Gentle humans that we are, we put the Marron in the freezer to send them into a slightly chilly coma.  However, there is always one uncooperative one that fights to the death and makes you feel even more guilty for being a Marron murderer.

As soon as I pulled him out of the bucket he was flicking his tail wildly and attempting to do backflips, maybe he thought if he could impress me with his gymnastic ability, I wouldn’t eat him.  Sadly, he was wrong.  After he threw himself off the kitchen bench several times, I finally got him in a headlock and roughly thirty minutes later, he was a delicious, light as air, Marron souffle. 

I should probably backtrack at this point and refresh your memories.  The Marron marathon was a practise cook off to ready ourselves for the ‘Tasting Australia’ culinary competition.  This particular cook off was held at M’s house; there were three chefs, a crying puppy pawing at the door and lots of wine.  What more do you need to prepare yourself for a cooking comp?  A wild array of weird and wonderful ingredients that we had bought at the supermarket earlier that evening, that’s what. 

So, we cooked and we talked and we experimented and ultimately came up with some promising and surprising food.  It was also a day of firsts, the first time (and hopefully the last) that I killed about ten Marron in one day, that can’t be good for my karma.  And also the first time I put a piece of raw, river dwelling creature in my mouth, worryingly, I think I even detected its last desperate little muscle twinge.  The souffle was delicious though…  

Only two days to go, then we’re going to tackle Pork, hopefully I won’t have to kill a pig, I still have nightmares from reading ‘Lord of the flies’!



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4 responses to “Marron marathon

  1. Jill Baines

    You are a star *
    As your Grandad used to say ‘Ye Gods and little crayfish !’
    Blimey you’re clever.
    Let’s all hope that you win in Adelaide, but don’t forget to practise your cake-making too.

    From your yummy mummy xxx

  2. cat erpiller

    Are these recipes that can be shared, or are they all secret?

    Not that I have a chance in hell of re-creating them…

    • Hi Cat,

      At this stage, as we are competing and you never know who is reading, the recipes will remain secret. However, once the comp is over we may very well release our recipes. Also, once in Adelaide, I hope to bring you lots of photo’s, maybe before if I can work out how to upload them!

      Cheers Cat

  3. Gill

    Hey little chef

    this is obviously not exactly a comment but how do you feel about offering a little friendly cooking advice to the cooking novices who read your blog? Cos i have a dumb question…..if a recipe lists regular potatoes as an ingedient can i always subsitute this for sweet potato or does it depend on the recipe???? xo

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