Little chef finally makes it online…

For weeks I have been pondering how to start my food blog, actually it’s probably more like years, if i’m being honest.  I knew it would have to be something earth shatteringly exciting, something that everyone could relate to, something everyone has dreamed about; and recently the news finally came.  The city of dreams beckons, a city where the streets are paved with gold, the air is thick with hope and dreams, a city where the sun shines brighter and the birds sing sweeter.  Yes, my friends, it is true; I am going to Adelaide. 

Now, joking aside, Adelaide is currently a city where my dreams could be made.  Being that I have never been to Adelaide I am not going to weigh into the ‘is Adelaide boring?’ debate.  I’ll let you know in a few weeks when I have actually been there.  Somehow, after spending a lifetime successfully avoiding competition, I now find myself knee deep in competition, bogged down by all the arrangements that must be made before we even get on the plane. 

The competition is this, ‘Tasting Australia’ regional culinary competition.  Two very busy chefs and one not so busy apprentice (me) are heading to Adelaide to compete against 32 other teams from around Australia.  It is a little like ‘Masterchef’ and a little like ‘Iron Chef’ but hopefully the mystery ingredient won’t be the pickled brain of a sea urchin.  Although I’m told they’re delicious. 

So, hopefully this blog will keep you updated with our efforts in ‘Tasting Australia’ and after that, will become a vessel for my endless food musings.  Next step on the road to Adelaide is a Marron cook up, if you don’t know what Marron is then go and ‘Google’ it!



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7 responses to “Little chef finally makes it online…

  1. Katie

    Really looking forward to reading about all your food adventures!

  2. amanda smith

    Go shortmeals!!!
    (actually pickled sea urchin brain only rivals smoked and braised ducks tongue for deliciousness- trust me).

  3. meg

    Maron is the new wonder vegie and I know you will cook it to perfection….. I’m sure it,s being vitamised and sold aS shots in new york.Wheat grass is so pase,
    luv Granma.

  4. Nic

    Yay! Good on you! You took the biggest step….starting your blog! The only way is upward and onward from here! Well done! Look forward to hearing about the adventures of Little Chef!

  5. gill

    Way to go Amelia!!!! the very best of luck with loads of love x x x

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